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If you are facing criminal charges in Queensland , Brisbane ,GOLD COAST ,Townsvile or Cairns  OR ELSEWHERE ? experienced Criminal Lawyer(s) can mean the difference between an acquittal, a manageable fine or serious jail time. Whether you’re facing drink driving charges, matters of fraud, assault or other driving offences, it’s important to have a lawyer that has experience in the matters pertaining to your case.

In Queensland, there are 2 types of criminal offences ,simple offences (or summary offences). These include disorderly behaviour, traffic offences and minor criminal offences.Crimes and misdemeanours (or indictable offences). These include murder, rape, robbery, assault, and break and enter.

The criminal justice system is designed to deal appropriately with people who do not obey the law. The main role of the criminal justice system is to determine whether a person’s actions or behavior form a criminal offence.

NB : If you are arrested ,detained or questioned by Police generally the best advice is to say nothing and dont make any statements spoken , written or oral until you see a Lawyer or until a Lawyer Attends

The criminal justice system is divided into three separate sections. These include the investigative process, which involves investigations by State or Federal Police ; the adjudicative process, where a case is taken before the courts to be heard and a penalty is imposed; and the correctional stage, where an offender completes a term of community service or serves his or her sentence in prison or some other correctional system.

In Queensland, the majority of criminal laws have been codified in the Criminal Code (1899). The Criminal Code covers a range of offences relating to violence, sex offences, property, fraud, arson, corruption, breaches of the peace and others. It also contains procedural rules and practices.